Sunday’s Cricket Coaching w RSBCA

Bringing together the experience of Novel Sports coaching methodologies, technology, equipment and safety practices with the expertise of Coach Ronnie Bickramdass (Level II cricket coach with CWI and CA) and the recently launched RSBCA, the Sunday morning sessions promises to be a fantastic cricket coaching expereince for all participants. Kids will be exposed to modern coaching techniques with fun, all-round engagement & focus on development using contemporary technology and equipment. Come and benefit from:

  • Indoor & Outdoor sessions
  • Individual and/or group coaching
  • Technical & Mental Development
  • Strength, Conditioning, Movement & Agility Training
  • Bowling Machine & Video Analysis
  • PitchVision Cricket Technology

Coach Ronnie has over 8 years of coaching experience working with national, zonal and private coaching programs with kids of all ages. His  and engaging approach has allowed him to progress as T&T Central Zone U15 Head Coach for the past two years.

The RSBCA Cricket Academy has formed around the principles of professionalism, progress and performance; enhancing kids all round development through cricket.


Novel Sports have hosted camps for the past 5 years and delivered events for kids in across Trinidad. Our sessions are focused on creating a semi-competitive and active play environment encouraging maximum engagement. Kids are steered towards building competence, confidence and holistic development using fun activities & drills.

Time spent with their new friends help in building acceptance to each other appreciating aspects our country’s anthem, “every creed and race find an equal place”. The facilities at Naparima College Indoor Sports Facility offer indoor sports centres for cricket, badminton, basketball, tennis, mini-golf and a host of athletic/movement activities. We are also offering a mini-gym for all to encourage fitness among all participants. Outdoor facilities include cricket, football, basketball, volleyball and lawn tennis.

Kids health, well-being & fitness are key components to developing a holistic healthy child, especially in these tough academic times. Sports and physical activity are proven to reduce stress levels among kids and aid in the fight against non-communicable diseases. Sports can set the foundation for a healthy adolescent and adult future.

Child protection and safeguarding is key for any camp. We pay particular attention to this aspect of coaching and hope to work with parents and guardians to build a child safe environment.

Please see our Novel Sports Kids facebook page : for photos of our past camps and events.

We look forward to registering your kids in the camp and work together to build stronger kids for the future. Please register by visiting our online registration and payment portal: