Cricket Team Coaching One Day Camp NSL-CTCODC

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Cricket Team Coaching One Day Camp NSL-CTCODC

One Day Team Camp hosted at Novel Sports Indoor Facility. Starts at 8:30 am and ends at 4:30pm. Accommodates up to 15 players and PitchVision membership registration is completed for all players. Session provides breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Available to all teams both foreign and local.


Product Description

The One Day Cricket camp for teams is designed to engage your team’s players in an intense session involving mental conditioning, strategic discussions, technical development and other specific needs of your team. The sessions in focused on enhancing the teams’ performance through specialized coaching drills and strategic discussions.

Participants are welcomed with a team breakfast which usually starts at 8:30 am at the Novel Sports Indoor Facility. A meeting is usually next facilitated by Novel Sports staff and teams coaching staff. We work alongside the coaching staff to ensure the participants maximize the days activities.

Teams at all levels are welcome. Both local and foreign teams are offered this high performance cricket training experience involving certified and experienced coaches, sports engineers, cricket technologies and other criticial tools to make the days’ events a success. We welcome teams participating in the TTCB’s Premiership, Championship, Zonal and Schools, Minor League Teams and teams participating in private competitions.

All players are registered on the PitchVision Cricket Technology System and allowed an opportunity to showcase their talents with PV recording all data. Players & coaches can see and analyse bowlers line, length, pace, video and batters video analytics. All data are uploaded to the PV Cloud which can then be accessed by all players with their unique PitchVision membership number.

Performance data is acquired using a host of cricket & sports technologies including bowling machine, PitchVision Video and Bowling Analysis systems, artificial turfs and other specialised equipment. Session usually cater for up to 15 players. Please call us on  771-7042 for more information.


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