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We represent major international brands in the sport technology industry each with their own benefits and results.
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Novel Solutions

Motion analysis for almost all sports, agility and fitness assessments, and for cricket: batting, bowling and fielding assessments.
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Novel Performance

Artificial turf selection and installation, indoor multi-sport facilities, sport netting selection & installation, indoor & outdoor cricket facilities, golf facility enhancements – netting, artificial turfs, potting greens, mini golf course, hitting bays, golf courts.


Latest News

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    New in 2017: Online Payment for Sessions & Equipment!

    Novel Sports is pleased to announce that our site is now able to accept online payments. Now you may use your Visa/Mastercard to pay for equipment or sessions via the First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) payment gateway provided through Republic Bank on our secure site. At the moment we’re still adding...
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    New!! TEAM-BUILDING services for your organization

    Check out our TEAM-BUILDING services for your organization. The Novel Sports Experience Centre is our team-building tool which will allow participants to compete in an exciting, innovative and professional manner through sporting activities. All participants are actively engaged to develop leadership, communication, building trust & support. As with any sport,...
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    3D Movement Analysis Workshop

    Novel Sports and VICON recently hosted a 3D Movement Analysis Workshop at the National Cycling Centre in Couva, Trinidad. VICON is the leading technology for Motion Capture and Analysis and have systems installed globally for applications in physiotherapy, coaching, research, exercise science, bio-mechanics, animations, medical applications, bike fitting, running analysis...

Who needs Novel Sports?

Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean is in the midst of an unprecedented sports upswing like never before

Sports is not only a wholesome activity but also a lucrative industry for professional sportsmen and sportswomen. It’s also not getting any LESS COMPETITIVE which means you need every performance edge you can squeeze out.

We are not only for athletes but ALL stakeholders in all sporting disciplines.

  • Athletes- all sports
  • Coaches
  • Teachers
  • Technical Directors
  • Caribbean Sports Teams

Train youngsters early

Catch and develop that athletic spark while they’re young. Groom them into the champions they’ll grow up to be.